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  1. Getting the current user (or other session data) in a Laravel controller constructor

    Session data is not available directly in controller constructors. Let's see how we can work around that.

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  2. Gate and authorization improvements in Laravel 5.3

    With Laravel 5.2 we got a nice authorization system right out of the box. In 5.3 this got a lot of improvements and refinements. Let's take a look.

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  3. The new Closure::fromCallable() in PHP 7.1

    Let's take a look at a neat little feature coming in PHP 7.1: easily converting any callable into a proper Closure using the new Closure::fromCallable() method.

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  4. Improvements to authentication in Laravel 5.3

    Authentication has gotten some nice improvements in 5.3, so let's examine it piece by piece. We'll start with the current state of affairs, then take it from there.

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